Our Team

Our Vision:  To minimize systemic healthcare disparities and create an environment
for self advocacy to flourish in vulnerable populations.



CEO & Founder

As a life long caregiver, and nurse for over 13 years, Yolanda Pope has spent her 16 year career working with the geriatric population. Senior care and advocacy is her passion. While working in the industry Yolanda recognized the need for person
centered education, support and guidance for seniors, their families and direct
caregivers. The Dignified Aging Project was created as an organization to help bridge the gap and to be a resource for education, guidance and support surrounding the changes our seniors go through as they age. In addition, The DAP team is committed to assisting health care providers develop best practices to support their teams in providing a superior level of care with dignity in mind.



Licensed Geriatric Ambassador

Tareva is veteran working with the geriatric population. She has worked with the
geriatric community for over 16 years. As a recent graduate of Spring Arbor University, she now hold a Masters Degree in Social Work. She plans to advance into the next stage of her career by expanding on her love for geriatrics and servicing seniors in and outside of the skilled nursing setting. As a Licensed clinician with the DAP team she will continue to support geriatrics and their families primarily on a one on one basis. In addition, she will provide guidance for her patients by helping them find resources to help manage the physical and mental complications associated with aging, while also supporting the management of cultural challenges faced by elderly adults.


Registered Clinical Ambassador

Sekeitha is dedicated professional clinician with extensive experience working as part of a multi-disciplinary team. She focuses on a patient centered philosophy in providing care. Her experience working with the geriatric community spans over 20 years from the long-term care setting to working acute care in the hospital. Sekeitha’s innovative caring skills, partnered with her excellent judgment, integrity, and exemplary interpersonal and communication skills keeps advocating for her patients as her top priority. She has a record of managing busy caseloads, promoting health and wellness services and increasing personal and professional standards. As the Registered Clinician with the DAP team Sekeitha will serve as a bridge between our clients and families and their healthcare professionals to ensure all clinical needs are being addressed.


Communications Consultant Specialist

Kirra has dedicated her life’s work to helping children and young people process
and heal from trauma. She has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from DePaul
University majoring in Theatre Studies and minoring in Psychology and Women
and Gender Studies. Kirra’s career spans over 18 years working with the youth
and adolescents in schools as a behavior specialist, and in residential facilities as
a youth advocate and unit supervisor. Kirra spends her time volunteering, doing
outreach, and as a training Coordinator and TCI trainer at St. Vincent Catholic
Charities in Lansing. As part of the DAP, Kirra serves as our communications
consultant in addition to providing supports and guidance for the underserved
youth and adolescent population.